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You Are Not Alone - Politics, Pandemic and Parenting

Hey Y’all,

So where do I start…. Life is cray for us parents who have young kids in school. I experienced another mandated quarantine because of trace contact at my son’s school. Although he tested negative, we had another two weeks of virtual school and the day he returned he had 2 half days then winter break for another two weeks. Yes, another month out of school. Although I’ve enjoyed the times of us jogging together, having lunch dinner and breakfast together, watering our garden yoga and meditation together….. I loan for some time alone. I feel rather guilty but my son also needs some play time with other kids and looks forward to playing outside at playgrounds. In all, we’re well, highly blessed and in need of nothing. To add insult to injury he had a hard time readjusting to virtual school then onsite school, and his grades dropped in behavior as a result. SO let’s get into it.

First, how many of us parents have had the fear that our jobs are on the line during this time? The lack of government support has made this extremely challenging as parents, especially dealing with very dependent young kids. Playdates and other aesthetics and interactions have been extremely limited yet needed. Even bringing kids to the park feels guilty but seeing the joy on their face means the world.

Well, to fellow parents out here conflicted you’re not alone. Fighting to keep your job should not be a factor, we should be protected as citizens taking care of future tax payers. For parents out there contemplating on giving their kids the necessary interaction to maintaining they’re mental health but wondering if every moment is worth the risk, you’re not alone? If your kid is the only child, you’re not alone! If you’re battling the line of overcompensation, positive distraction, and some time alone, you’re not alone. We will get through this together, while keeping the mental health of ourselves and the people we take care of top priority. Please, do not apply additional pressure or stress on yourself by questioning if you’re strong enough, if you’ll get through this, or feel singled out. You are not alone.

You got this! You’re going to get through this! Continue to check-in for additional suggestions and do not hesitate to reach out to a fellow parents to offer succor in every form!

Succor ~ Assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.

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