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The Beauty of PEACE

Protecting your



Controlling your


I'll throw one classic wise saying at ya! Misery Lovesss Company. I'll cut straight to the chase: Many times I ..... Yes I am guilty of giving trash people more energy than they deserve. Context clues are essential in the logical aspect of common sense. If someone shows you that they live and thrive in drama, get excited about violence and screaming matches, lack listening skills, are seeking for you to support their enabling and not give educational advice, then you should probable exit stage left. There's one exception... little people under the age of 12.... they get a baby pass.

There are so many quotes and phrases I can throw at you about this topic. I will be upfront and share that I am currently going through an extremely challenging time in my life, a time that I am desperate for a moment to myself to process everything. But it is mission impossible to find it and I feel as if..... I'm internally bleeding. I'm in a field that I love, but my current assignment has me in a space where I feel as If I'm set up for failure. I get threatened physically, cursed out, yelled at, my vehicle was vandalized, and to top it all off it appears I may have to do a wellness check this week and I'm hoping someone I worked with is not harmed. I am not a police officer, but I do guide many people through important life decisions and being an empath who's compassionate about helping as many people as I can, these times feel rather personal. The main constraint is the lack of funding needed to make things better, but I am being extremely ignorant if I believed monetary resources is all that is needed to cure many of these issues.

I believe you should never discard people as if they are trash. We are human, we all have bad moments, days, even years and everyone deserves room for GROWTH. So I'm very forgiving and never believe in holding things over people's heads if I decided to move on and proceed with plans with them. Asterisk, only if I see progress and accountability do I take this route because let's face it.... some people are simply hot trash. Or there are times that you're simply not compatible with someone, and you don't compliment one another's auras.

Where I'm getting at ... is that it's ok to demand your peace by protecting yourself from people who do not mean you well, don't support you, only seek to murder the little peace that you have, or you simply don't like. Life is short and it's hard enough to find time to regather yourself, process the hard (not fun stuff), and leave more time to enjoy the happy, rich moments that money can't pay for and production could never produce. Declining an invite, refusing to submit to non-sense arguments with no accountability, or simply walking away from discussions, opportunities, and people that appear to have an opportunist agenda of greed or spreading their negative atoms is OK.

You are not a bad person for refusing to participate in something that's mentally unhealthy. Most of the time many of these situations are deeper than the initial interaction with you. As we get older, our schedules get busier and our time is more limited. Your energy and time become more valuable, especially because of the wisdom you hold. More time should be allocated toward enjoying the people we love, mastering our crafts, passing down our knowledge to the youth, enjoying the fruits of our labor. Negative energy is heavy, toxic, and lingering. Avoid it but don't ignore situations that require acknowledgment because you're smarter than that. It's good to avoid non-sense circumstances, people, and situations that you have no control over and refuse to give it the energy it does not deserve.


Your real friends and supporters will understand. If they don't at the moment a conversation filled with love should remedy it.

I also have to take the time out to tell everyone who takes the time to read and support me how appreciative I am. I truly hope you benefit from Mom Succor and share these messages with anyone who'd benefit.

Most importantly, you are here because like me you are insane enough to have something within you that wants to love on and help heal the people around you.

Remember, (it's the remixxxxx) , love on yourself so that you can love on others.

-Peace, Love, and (enter you vice) WINE!


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