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Stress Skin Relief ... Pronto!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

This is me a few days before virtual school. I canceled a much needed vacation, took a leave of absence from my job, relationship status was well... pending, and preparing for the possibilities of virtual school. A week of bursting into laughter randomly for no apparent reason, I was going nuts! I'm usually one to keep it together, so I woke up one morning, made breakfast, and decided to tackle these issues one battle at a time. I handled it with grace until I woke up looking like this. Clearly, trying to mask the fact that I was not ok made a physical appearance on the very place I couldn't hide it.

This may have been a blessing in disguise. My support crew doubled down on relieving my motherly duties, and summoned me to some alone time. I gave myself two days of sleep and the remainder of the week pampering on a budget. Kava tea on the balcony, yoga and meditation, body scrubs, skin conditioning, mani- pedis , detox bath soaks paired with a book. The relief was endless and much needed. Through this journey I discovered a skin care regime that's simple, convenient, and easy on the wallet. These are the results!

As a caretaker the ability to take control over the elements that we can is important, it's our super power. When stress, hormones, and time issues surface it's our kryptonite. Taking time out to take care of yourself is essential in maintaining a healthy balance, a skin care regime can defend your skin through these times of stress.

Take care of yourself!



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