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Whine, Wine, Whine

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Speaking of wine... who loves play dates?

Playdates aren't just for the kiddos!

I can recall some dark moments during parenthood where there would be days I'd go without significant adult interaction, it drove me absolutely nuts! I'm also one whose used to their independents and hesitant to reach out for help (so not cool). After my friends and I started to notice the depressive and pessimistic state that would emerge we all knew it was time for a change in habits and lifestyle. My friends and family started to come around more, but this is an odd transition. There's your family adjusting to you being in your new authoritative role, and your friends not quite familiar with your new schedule and availability, attitude, or perspective as a parent. Their presence was appreciated, especially the moments to myself while they'll babysit but there was this sense of guilt from wanting to talk about this new thing that has become my number one obsession.

I decided to pull myself out of this dilemma and try kid friendly activities that both my son and I would enjoy. From here I found the value in exchanging and sharing with parents, and having a safe space to unwind and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. Wine, cheese and meat spreads, toys, breast pumps and milk testing strips, music, and baby gates! More food, cocktails, and laughter (lol). The most notable changes came from these playdates. The power of parents coming together, unveiling their fears, accomplishments, even familial drama was therapeutic. The affirmation of the unpredictability that you could never prepare for in the world of parenting is often a needed reminder.

Making friends in the world of parenting is tough, schedule compatibility alone is a challenge, but I encourage you to reach out to fellow parents to arrange playdates. You'll be surprised the benefits that'll come for both you and your little ones. Follow me @momsuccor, I'll be hosting virtual parties once a month for parents for an opportunity to meet you all and promote networking for caregivers.



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