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Preparing for Baby # 2!!!

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

So... Hurricane Ida blew a stork into Houston lol (that’s where I evacuated during this hurricane)! I am excited to share that the journey of Baby # 2 is happening.

First thing’s first. As I am writing this, I’m 25 weeks and entering my third trimester. Second, I am happy to share my experience for my second pregnancy and hope many of you will find this information helpful. Lastly, I am in my 30’s (32 Winter 2022) and I must say ... compared to my first pregnancy I think this pregnancy may take me out (mentally).

Let's jump right into this! My first pregnancy was a totally different experience, my first one being when I was 24, delivered at 25. For my first pregnancy my missed period was a sign that something was off. I was thinner than I am now and thought my swollen breast were worth the pain and a very flattering indication that my cycle would be starting soon. After I calculated I was two weeks late I decided to take a test and was beyond shocked to discover I was pregnant. I had morning sickness until the third trimester, but it was more of a “puke and go” kind of pattern. Another shocker was catching the flu, only time having it was during my first pregnancy due to my suppressed immune system. I was still working full time, hanging with my friends and family on a regular and pretty much living my normal life and day to day schedule through my first trimester.

This first trimester of this pregnancy pairs well with Adele’s album 30. Emotionally, I’ve isolated myself. I have been a ball of fire, many of this stemming from my physical state. It has been a battle dealing with nausea, constipation, headaches, and food aversions. I fear eating and cannot hold food down, the little I hold results in constipation then nausea. It’s a cycle of grief which leads to a not so sunny attitude, a lot of crying, terrible sleep cycle and added on fatigue. Needless to say, instead of bringing this bad energy to others I rather stay home in a stupor.

Many of my duties have been passed onto my partner. It has not been an easy adjustment but very bonding through the test of non-sense “gender roles”. And let’s face it, when one is more vulnerable than normal, compatibility and patience is tested. I have been an emotional, crying, temperamental, miserable yet strangely optimistic being through this first trimester. I push myself to be a great mother to my son who has been surprisingly understanding that mommy is sick and growing a baby, overall, his joy brings me joy. My partner has been beyond supportive and forgiving through my unpleasant episodes, never getting angry with me. Some random results of this pregnancy are my lack of taste for meat, (especially shrimp and chicken), my heightened indecisiveness, and expected yet surprising early bump appearance. I’ll touch more on this later.

Preparing my son, my partner, and most importantly myself for the coming of this baby has been exciting. I can’t wait to give you an update on my plan for a natural delivery, baby preparations, and preparing my first child to be a big brother.

Remember, sometimes taking care of yourself is done in isolation!


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