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Mom Succor After Dark: Part III

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

The Power of Energy

During my travels to the DMV I got the nostalgic feeling from diversity immersion. The diversity in DC is an amazing experience, very unique from the other coasts mainly because of the political atmosphere. One thing that seems to keep my creative juices flowing is the opportunity to hear different stories from all walks of life . After so many adventures it’s empowering and enlightening to hear first hand experiences from so many different people and languages... yet realize how much we are all inherently the same as a human race. I’ve never been one to allow language, status, or any barrier to miss a good conversation. You’d be amazed how many people have more respect for you when you place yourself in a vulnerable space to ask the most simplistic questions, especially when you’re trying to learn more about their culture.

During this last adventure I was very flattered to have been "hit" on by so many different people. The amount of looks , compliments, and open invites to conversation was so appreciated. Now, I’ve gained weight since my last visit and put forth very little effort into my looks and was pleasantly surprised by the overall reaction, but I also noticed a pattern with my friends; they complimented my energy. Energy is magnetic, contagious, transferable, it’s a very powerful thing that feels very tangible, you can almost taste it lol . But it’s very much so an intangible but strong thing.

Mom Succor, my life as a parent, being closer to my family and friends, my career all have me in a mostly happy place emotionally, and all that positivity had me beaming like a super nova. I’ve always been an optimistic, cheerleading, nourishing person for the most part and with that being said I’ll let you in on a little secret- Looking and feeling happy can make you so much more attractive!

There have been days that I wanted to elbow the next negative Ned or Nancy in the nose, but I push through and past what or whoever caused that temporary feeling and it has always worked out better, but especially in the world of socializing and dating. They’ve been nights that I’d put 3 hours into getting dressed and get to the outing tired and more worried about “the look” that I’d go home more impressed with my pictures than the actual experience. Then other times I’d go out and can barely remember to take pictures or the name of the place because of the great conversation and dancing that took place.

So I have a challenge for you. It may feel a little awkward but the next rime you’re in a social setting :

  1. Smile more!

  2. Ask one genuine question to a stranger.

  3. Give one stranger a compliment.

Sometimes even when you’re in a "not so positive" mood you possess the power to change that at any second that you’re alive and breathing. Especially when you're out with the purpose of having a good time. Try this as a game with a group of friends the next time you’re out and watch how other people will find you more attractive (not necessarily just sexually) , but you’ll also feel It within. Many times in social settings we own more power to own a room than we think, you just have to claim it by pushing out the positive vibes. Claim that power of positivity, encourage others to feel as good as you do, or you're trying to, believe in yourself and beam that confidence, and watch how heads turn in awe of your presence. You'll be surprised whose eye you'll catch.

Sizzling with good Energy, live from the gold thread bedspread...

Take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others.

Oh and if you’re out on the town and find someone attractive, you’ll be surprised how easy a simple smile can start a conversation. That one's on the house 😉.

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