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Mom Succor After Dark Part II

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Slippery Energy!

So let's cut to the chase! Got some alone time? Masturbate using cold-pressed organic coconut oil. Coconut oil has a natural way of aiding good bacteria, killing bad bacteria and helping to maintain a healthy balance of your body, including your vagina. It's a natural lubricant that smells great, and has an undertone of sweetness if you'd like someone to join the party. I've also used it during intercourse and believe me, both parties end up satisfied. I have not had any yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis since using this.

You can also place a hefty table spoon in your bath tub for a soft skin conditioning and follow with a coffee and coconut oil exfoliate scrub, concentrating on the mons pubic (upper-vagina lol) to prevent ingrown hairs.

The coffee scrub is great to use for a shower, if a little happened to get into your anus you may feel a jolt of energy. Overall, I personally do not like coconut oil for my hair or to take orally but it's defiantly a go-to in my beauty routine for skin care and intimacy.

Recommendation number two, be adventurous … but don’t end up in jail. Now, I’m a mother first, but still a human being. Sex is an aesthetic need placed on many psychological charts but the subject can still be considered taboo and often wrapped with many negative stereotypes and assumptions. Relax, it’s just sex. Sex has soo many layers, there’s many layers of intimacy. Physical and mental connections are deeply embedded within this act which is why it should never feel transactional, well unless it’s work (I do not shun volunteer sex work). With that being said, have you ever found that some of your best sessions were unplanned? Once you become a parent the fun shouldn’t end. You can take care of you parental responsibility AND have a healthy sex life but like other things that are successful it takes proactive planning. For example, Sunday fun day; take the kiddos out for a day full of fun. Maybe a hike, water park, bike riding, anything to have them in bed by 9. That night, light the candles, and dedicate that time for intimacy. Pull out something sexy, maybe throw in game cards to spark conversation, and make bets… winner takes all.

Last recommendation, sex is also a mental thing. Let’s face it, sometimes you wake up and feel as attractive as a head of cauliflower. Take a few moments to change your mood, you’ll be surprised the difference a nice lace bra and panty set will make. Give yourself a facial, get your nails done, take a quick soak with some crystals, music, Epson salt, and your favorite scented bubble bath or natural bath soak. Nothing feels sexier than taking care of you. In all, you can’t take car of others until you take care of yourself.

Now it’s time to get intimate , cheers to my fellow parents!


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