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Mom Succor - After Dark Part I

How you feel on the inside reflects on the outside!

I've just arrived for a meeting, I'm fully prepared and sure that my point will be received and accepted.

During the meeting it hit me... all the eyes starring, the inquisitive stares, intimidating chuckles and throat clearing. Then all the micro aggressions replayed through my head;

Intelligence and beauty, you can't have both. I won't call you emotional if you get upset. Hopefully your soothing voice won't put us to sleep. (condescending chuckles)

My lavender and eucalyptus oil scents whoosh from the drops I've placed on my neck during my aromatherapy session from my 5 minute meditation. I pull my hair back to show my face and boost the calming scents. I notice everyone's attention re-centers to me. It could be my calmness and lack of reaction to the purposeful distractions. I caught tonsil Tom's attention mid throat-clearing, his eyes locked with mines. Then I remembered the two piece bra/panty set that complemented my skin completion and silhouette and immediately my shoulders stood 2 inches taller. I rubbed my palms and risk together and cleared my throat to make sure I commanded the attention of the room and puckered my lips together. That hand and lip exfoliate came in handy during my soaking sessions during last nights final step to prepare. It featured dried petals with bath bombs and salt to free my mind and loosen my body for my presentation.


Many times as caretakers our careers are secondary to our loved ones.. Many moments I forget the power of "feeling yourself" and reminding yourself of your DNA results (shout out to Lizzo). Finding you inner confidence is directly coordinated with your inner sexy and it exudes from your pores in a physical aspect.

Lesson one! How you feel on the inside shows on the outside. The little things you do to pamper yourself, make yourself feel good, treat yourself to some necessary TLC should be a daily activity. Rather its exfoliating your skin, treating yourself to a massage and facial or masturbating (tune in to part II wink wink). Ironically, we'll usually put our careers before our own well-being. Let's make the decision to not do this anymore!

~Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

- AG


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