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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Ok fine, I'll settle for a mental hiatus.

I don't know about you guys but virtual school is kicking my bare but! I was forced to go on a leave of absence from my job at the last minute and jump into my new role as a full time stay at home teacher. I would have never guessed in a million years the anxiety, pressure, and frustrations that came with this drastic change. Special shout out to educators, the title "teacher or professor" requires secondary education or a degree for a reason. This is not a role anyone can just wake up and accomplish after reading a few D.I.Y articles and self-help books.

I Started to Feel Unbalanced.

I knew a change was needed. I called my "mommy friend" and she confessed she also shed a few tears this week, she has three boys! I started to fall into a dark space. The shock of this drastic change put me in a state of depression with my initial adjustment being an unbalanced one. This unbalance reflected physically, I had a terrible break out on my face, picked up weight, and my overall health was slowly deteriorating.

I refused to drown in sorrow and continue down this path of negativity and miserableness. I took the initiative to change this path and forced myself to dedicate a moment a day to myself rather it's a nap, getting dressed in the morning and feeling pretty, or conditioning my hair.

Times are hard, virtual school is hard, readjusting to this pandemic is hard, and life as a caregiver before all of this was challenging. Force yourself to reward you for the little wins and reach out to others, conversations with others with listening ears who can relate to this hardship is beneficial and destressing. Remember, you are your best you when you take care of yourself. Love yourself so you can continue to love on others.


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