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Feng-Shui - Persuasion

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I made it home around 4:00 PM and was in bed by 10PM, but I can't seem to help but feel defeated from sleep deprivation and lack of motivation hanging over me the entire afternoon and evening. Nothing I hate more than focusing on the "not done" list in my head. This usually leads to negative thoughts feeling as if I could have, should have done more and blaming my lack of success on poor excuses, lack of discipline, and non optimization of planning.

We are Human.

There are so many aspects of life that are out of our control and only so much one person can possibly be expected to execute in one 24-hour period. Once you add children or care-taker to your list of priorities the pressure only heightens. The words of affirmation I'd often receive from how happy my son is through this era, compliments on my outer appearance, and my positive aura I often wondered why my life from my perspective was not matching the playlist others seem to pair with it. At that moment I decided it would.

One thing that is often taken for granted is the power of "Feng Shui".

Feng Shui is a philosophy derived from the Asian culture which emphasis the practice of looking at our living space and work environment and striking a balance with the natural world. There's a complexity to the process of truly executing this practice, but to respectfully give you the watered down version, it's a action of placing earth like items charged with energy in your home that promote your needs within that space. To put this into perspective bringing earth like items such as plants, shrubs, and herbs into your work space and paying attention to the placement of your desk or work area, the window, and the amount of direct sunlight can add a feeling of increased productivity. Sunlight naturally signals your body to wake-up and greenery serves as an air purifier while adding a sense of nature to your space which adds a sense of calmness. Placing your desk in a space where you see and interact with the sun gives you this natural boost of energy.

Life can be a Musical

After taking time out to feng-shui my environment, I changed my entire approach to my daily routine. All bedrooms are off limits to anything work related. I have a designated work and creative space with items that promote this energy paired with charged stones, gems, and organic elements. My organic items are placed in areas where their energy would be most needed and optimized. My kitchen was decorated with innovation in mind and I started a little kitchen garden with fresh herbs... talk about a game changer. My living room is inviting and multifunctional with an open space to transform this area to whatever's needed; exercise room, game room, family meeting room, etc. I'm even more conscious about the playlist featured in each space, with more jazzy neo-soul and r&b in the bedrooms, rap/ hip hop and lo-fi for the living room/office, and a little opera and gospel in the kitchen space (high pitched voices tenderizes the meat).

We are limited on the amount of control we have over certain aspects in our life, governing your space to heighten the mood is a small but major move to gain control over your daily perspective. No better way to control your emotions than by controlling the setting, from the aesthetics to the music. You can start at any point, any moment and decide to take reign for the betterment of balance. I hope I "persuade you to feng-shui"... and control the playlist to your life.

Remember, take care of you first so that you're able to aid others.



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